Of Counsel


Christian Fragalà is a lawyer who practices across Italy, with membership in the Turin Bar Association. From the onset of his university career, he has worked with various law firms in Turin, amassing over a decade of experience across multiple legal sectors and developing a broad range of skills.

His primary goal is to provide optimal assistance and protection, customized to each case and attuned to his clients’ needs. He ensures clear communication with his clients about the proposed strategies, potential challenges, and expected outcomes.

Fragalà maintains high professional standards through a robust network of collaborators, consultants, and specialists in diverse technical fields.

Main Areas of Expertise:

  • Consulting for Individuals and Businesses: Offering legal advice tailored to the needs of both private individuals and companies.
  • Civil Law: Specializing in debt collection, contractual and tort liability, contracts, labor law, management of over-indebtedness crises, and living wills.
  • Tax Law: Handling administrative litigation with the Provincial and Regional Directorates of the Revenue Agency, as well as representation and technical defense in Provincial and Regional Tax Commissions.
  • Banking Law: Addressing disputes related to interest rates, compound interest, usury, and contract breaches.
  • Insurance Law: Managing claims related to traffic accident damages, life insurance, various risk policies, and contract breaches.
  • Criminal Law: Covering property crimes, corporate and bankruptcy offenses, and tax violations.