Of Counsel


The lawyer Michele Iannotta works in the field of civil law and provides assistance for the extrajudicial and judicial recovery of debts, as well as in the management of insurance claims for damages.

It also deals with disputes regarding employment and company reorganization referred to in the new business crisis code; the numerous collaborations activated with third-party professionals allow it to provide legal assistance in the sale of companies in crisis, as well as in voluntary liquidation procedures and for the establishment of companies under foreign law.

Lawyer Iannotta is the “Italian Representative” of the IICUAE, i.e. a representative of the network of professionals recognized by the Italian Chamber of Commerce in the United Arab Emirates, entitled to provide business internationalization and business development services through institutional channels.

All the lawyer’s activities are carried out maintaining maximum confidentiality of data and communications, including through the use of encryption software; the added value is therefore based on the use of new digital technologies useful for speeding up activities and decision-making processes between the client and the professional.