Of Counsel


Silvia Dallasta is an accomplished Italian lawyer with a strong foundation in law and a diverse range of legal expertise. She graduated in law from Milano Bicocca University in 2009 and embarked on her legal career in 2010.

In the early stages of her career, Silvia primarily focused on immigration law, addressing the needs of clients seeking residence permits and handling various civil and criminal law matters.

With a growing interest in facilitating legal matters between Italy and Egypt, Silvia began offering her clients comprehensive assistance in Egypt. She specialized in managing critical documents related to Egyptian-Italian marriage procedures in Cairo, the legalization of documents, and the registration of marriage certificates in Italy. Additionally, she provided guidance on divorce proceedings involving Italy and Egypt, as well as advice and consultations for individuals planning to marry in Egypt or abroad. Silvia established crucial connections with Embassies and Consulates to enhance her services.

Silvia’s commitment to her work led her to develop a fruitful partnership with a respected Egyptian lawyer, with whom she collaborates closely to strengthen their clients’ legal positions and ensure satisfaction. To facilitate seamless communication with Arabic-speaking clients and legal professionals, her law firm offers the expertise of an Arabic mother tongue translator.

In 2021, Silvia undertook a significant legal project in Abu Dhabi, involving the collection of credit from a construction company. In this capacity, she maintained excellent relations with an Emirati law firm, effectively communicating in both Arabic and English. She successfully completed this project, renewing her client’s power of attorney from Italy.

Silvia Dallasta is eager to further expand her legal career by taking on cases from other countries and collaborating with foreign law firms.