Of Counsel

Varna (Bulgaria)

Lawyer Teodora Sarkizova serves as the Managing Partner at “Personal Data BG” Ltd (Dati personali BG), a distinguished consultancy specializing in personal data protection across Bulgarian, Italian, and English languages. Established in 2017 in collaboration with esteemed Italian and Bulgarian colleagues, the Company stands as a pioneering force in providing comprehensive services related to data protection and the implementation of GDPR 2016/679.

Possessing European certifications as a Data Protection Officer, Valutatore Privacy (UNI 11697:2017), and European Privacy Auditor within the ISDP®10003 framework, Adv. Sarkizova is duly registered in the AICQ-SICEV Register of Qualified Auditors. She assumes key roles as a Member-Correspondent and Representative for Bulgaria within the Federprivacy and Osservatorio 679 Associations. Demonstrating her expertise, she has been a featured lecturer at seminars and training sessions on personal data protection in both Bulgaria and Italy, including engagements with the Bulgarian Commercial Association in Sofia, the Association of Accountants and the Accountants Company, the Association of Industrial Capital, among others. Additionally, she played an active role in the inaugural Roundtable for Bulgaria on certification issues pertaining to GDPR on October 10, 2017, in collaboration with the Bulgarian Commission on Data Protection. Further, she contributed to the “The Accountability & Consapevolezza” Conference on May 9, 2018, held at Palazzo Giustiniani, Rome, Italy, featuring Giovanni Buttarelli, the Head of the European Data Protection Supervisor.

In 2021, she showcased her expertise as a speaker at the web conference “COVID-19 AND THE RIGHTS OF CHILDREN,” organized by the Legal Aid Network at the National Network for Children in Bulgaria.
With an extensive legal career spanning over 18 years, lawyer Sarkizova has skillfully navigated the legal landscapes of various companies. Her portfolio includes providing internal legal advisory services on intricate matters such as joint ventures, mergers, registration of new companies with foreign capital, ensuring compliance with pertinent laws, and managing legal intricacies such as drafting new agreements, reviewing existing contracts, establishing new entities, and facilitating the issuance of necessary documents to meet multinational legal requirements. Currently, she assumes the pivotal role of Data Protection Officer for diverse legal entities in fields such as the medical sector, news websites, assurance brokerage, ecc.

A graduate in law from the University of Varna and in Italian philology from the University of Pisa, Italy, lawyer Sarkizova holds esteemed titles, including Lady of the “Order of the Knights of St. John – Knights of Malta” and the Ambassador of the Autonomous Grand Priory of Sicily in Bulgaria. Additionally, she contributes her expertise as a Member of the Board of Directors for the “Family Center Maria” Association.