Of Counsel


Alessandra Panduri holds a degree in Law, with a focus on Labour Law. Over the years, she gained professional experience in the academic sector, as well as in her role of lawyer and mediator.
She is a practical and theoretical trainer in the field of ADR.
In her practice, she provides advice and assistance in economic and contractual transactions and experiential marketing. She supports companies from the earliest stages of negotiations and drafting of commercial agreements, as well as providing assistance in project management, problem solving and alternative dispute resolution. She also deals with voluntary jurisdiction, family law, juvenile law and the broader subject of civil law, successions and execution of movable and immovable property, commercial and banking law, insolvency proceedings and bankruptcy disputes, criminal law and corporate criminal law.
Furthermore, she is a founding member of the A.S.P.C.O. (Bankruptcy Law) Association, and she provides assistance and advice to a variety of Associations that invoke constitutional norms, principles and values to protect human and social rights.
In the field of education, she is a teacher and trainer in “Right to Citizenship”. She is also a speaker at conferences on the topic of mediation and the author of numerous publications.