Of Counsel


After graduating in law at the University of Molise, continued his specialist training by becoming a corporate lawyer, civil mediator, manager pursuant to l.3/2012 of the settlement of the over-indebtedness crisis and expert in business crises, registered in the lists of the Ministry of Justice of the Chambers of Commerce.

He is Special Attorney for securitization vehicles and financial intermediaries.

He was special secretary in the Regional Council, Coordinator of the research unit of the Inter-university Consortium for Research and Development of Sustainability of the Sapienza University of Rome, he had important work experience as a consultant in the management of consumer credit as well as in primary law firms between Rome, Milan and Campobasso and acquiring a high professional knowledge of the most important subsidized finance tools for the start-up of new businesses.

He is a first level professor in civil law, subsidized finance and real estate law and securities and real estate enforcement. Over the years he has acquired experience in the financial/real estate, utilities and energy judicial sectors. He follows, as a trustee, primary insurance, energy and banking companies.