Of Counsel


Diego Comba has been a lawyer at the Turin Bar Association since 1987 and is the owner of the Studio Comba&Rosano in Turin.

He is specialized in EU law, international commercial law, international contract law, international commercial disputes, commercial arbitrations, alternative dispute resolution.

He assists Italian and foreign companies in the drafting and negotiating of Sales Contracts, Distribution Agreement, Commercial Agency Agreement, Licensing of Trademarks and Patents, Joint Ventures, as well as in international and national trade litigation, taking care of both the judicial and extrajudicial.

He is president of the Aequitas ADR, a Foundation of Civil and Commercial Mediation, registered at the Italian Ministry of Justice.

He is a founding member of the Chirone Foundation, specialized in the promotion and dissemination of the negotiated composition of the business crisis.

He has written several books on supply contracts and international payments, commercial agency and distribution contracts, civil and commercial mediation, negotiated crisis composition published by sole24ore, Giuffrè Editore, Key Editore and Formazione Giuridica Editore.