Vilma is an Accountant, Freelance Professional, and Business Consultant, Financial Advisor & Senior Analyst with over 40 years of experience, focusing on financial analysis and planning for SMEs and startups, including resource procurement for company formation projects, development, consolidation, internationalization, acquisitions, and divestitures since 1981. She has worked in the real estate financial sector for private individuals, builders, and companies, structuring mortgages, leases, and subsidized finance. Since 1991, she has been registered with the National Register of Financial Advisors, now known as OCF (Financial Intermediaries – Italy).

She established, trained, and led the External Network of Financial Consultants for two leading Italian Credit Institutions until 2003. Subsequently, and up to the present day, she has dedicated herself to Business and Financial Consulting with a special focus on Corporate Banking, Financial & Alternative Finance, M&A, Investment, and also on training and study projects for management and CFOs in particular, including the Sales Network for products and/or services.

Vilma loves to create synergies with all company roles and support their growth, optimization, and planning of various processes necessary for the progress and development of the companies themselves. She is also a consultant and expert in planning and investments in artworks, raw materials, and physical gold as an investment.

She is passionate about self-education and training others, convinced that education shapes and informs, and that a well-informed Consultant and Client are the perfect synergy and source of growth, development, solutions, and mutual satisfaction.